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Farmers & Artisans opened in September 2009, in the village of Williamsville. Owner, Julie Blackman, is part of the sixth generation working at her family’s business, Blackman Homestead Farm. Her hope was that this brick and mortar would become a focal point for the local food community, creating connections between producer and consumer, and become a place of education.



As the business grew, the store moved to Main Street in Snyder. The new location offered a fresh opportunity to expand both the bakery and prepared food offerings, as well as provide a growing variety of quality local foods. It is a true neighborhood corner store that takes pride in supporting and showcasing our rural farmers.


The store continued to root itself in the community, showcasing our local farmers and producers through special events, product development and educational classes.



As for all, Covid forced changes.  Our staff quickly adapted to support the food needs of our community. 
It was a period of streamlining in some areas and expanding in others, with momentum to continue supporting our local food connections.


Farmers & Artisans expanded its outreach with smart fridge vending machines - The Farmhouse Fridges.  The units are located at workplaces, hospitals and residential apartments in Erie Co. selling healthy options of local food and beverages. 


Phill & Elaine

“ Julie and her staff always provide a friendly farm to table shopping experience!"
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