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Soup Share

SKU: 366615376135191
  • The share will consist of 10-soup quart pick ups, you will not be required to pick up weekly as with past shares. Want one every other week, or twice a week? No problem just pick up as often as you need! Once you have hit 10 quarts you can sign up for a new share. It’s the same great share discount but on your own schedule!

    Our delicious housemade soups and stocks are made from scratch using local pastured meats and seasonal ingredients…all natural and no preservatives.

    How does the share work?

    • Price: $101.25 per share (approx. $10.13 per quart for 10 fills), saving $1.00 per quart!
    • Choose from a variety of chicken, beef, and pork soups, vegetable soups, fish chowders, and bean soups (fresh and frozen). We offer 6-8 varieties, including vegetarian options.
    • Start your share anytime and pick up as often as you would like!
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