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Bootleg Kombucha Share

SKU: 364215375135191
  • We are excited to partner with Bootleg Bucha, a Buffalo based kombucha brewery, to bring you our share program. Kombucha is a fermented tea known for its healing properties ranging from digestive and joint care, to detoxification and energy.  Daily intake is recommended at 6-8 oz. per day taken either in the morning or after a meal throughout the day.

    The Bootleg Bucha Kegerators stocks a variety of 6-8 flavors. The share will consist of 10- 32oz kombucha fill-ups.  Want one every other week, or twice a week? Just bring your bottle in and fill up as you need! Once you have hit 10 fills you can sign up for a new share. It’s the same great share discount but on your own schedule!

    How does the share work?

    • Sign up to receive a 32 oz. bottle that is good for 10 fills!

    Price: $65 per share ($6.50 per quart, plus tax, for 10 fills), saving almost 20% off retail price.

    • Choose from four flavors weekly – Blueberry Lavender, Tart Cherry Mint, Hibiscus Lime, Ginger, Passionfruit, Citra Hop, Pomegranate and more!
    • Pick up as often as you would like, make sure you bring your clean bottle with you for each fill. If you would like more than one bottle at a time, feel free to bring in multiple bottles for fill or purchase additional bottles/ growlers for $2 (32oz.) or $5 (64oz.). Just note that each 32oz fill will count towards the 10 total pick ups. (For example, if on one visit you fill your 32oz. bottle and also a 64 oz. growler that would count as 3 fills).
    • Quality of product is best if consumed within 7-10 days of tapping.
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